No Excuses Are Good Enough.

Yep– I work too much.
And play too much.
And don’t sleep or write enough.

The summer thus far? The kids got out of school. I didn’t accomplish enough before it happened. I still need to write the thank yous for the aides, but I did manage to actually get to the uniform swap this year so I actually saved some money. I am now working 3 hours a day at VIPKID which I love– but my classes do start at 5am– which does cut into my sleeping time. The teaching experience is so great though that I have become a recruiter for VIPKID and I’m actually sponsoring a recruiting event in Utah County on June 17– VIPKID Live Event! I’m really excited for it, have done a lot of work for it, and I’m slightly terrified that nobody will show up and I will present to an empty room.

It’s a good thing I’m too tired to have nightmares.

George is needy and is hanging on my arm and leg right now. A million kids run in and out of our house all day—a large contingent of whom love to play Minecraft. Landon is vegging out on Veggie Tales and Hazel tries to act like she’s a grown up. Swim lessons aren’t for another week and a half and Curley Cousin Camp is coming soon. And all the kids are trying to sneak food ALL DAY LONG!

Not to mention I joined a Bagpipe Band as a drummer and Jeremiah has several nights a week for his softball team.

So Bruceyland suffered.
And it always suffers when I can’t seem to find the photo folder on my computer. The photos seem to help me.

Can I get an executive assistant please?

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