No Fear

So, summer is busy and I have totally been neglectful, but I have to get this up because it was one of Landon’s summer highlights. Our friends took him climbing and Lando is a natural. He has not ear and if often found t the top o the monkey bars in school– freaking out all of the aides has he balances himself at the very top– no hands holding on. I suspected he would be great at this, and he was. (follows Jeremiah in the athletic talent department).

 At first he needed instruction and only wanted to go if someone else was going as well.

 As he went on on is was amazing to to watch him carefully plot a course– making decisions and evaluations. He is pretty cautious. One of the most amazing things is to watch his hands obey his brain instead of flapping around. He becomes very centered.

 He did manage to find a spot he could sedge himself into and stim.

 Late in the day he found this sweet spot he liked. He climbed this spot over dozen times. After about 6 times he stopped running around and flapping at the top and would walk slowly to the exit spot, climb down, walk over and begin to climb again.

 NO FEAR: “Look Mom! Only 1 hand!”

And the sweet reward– hanging out at the top, sitting on the edge, and making your mom very nervous.

Well, nervous, but proud.

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