Landon Does It Again

OK– I have not been posting regularly– but I found an excellent reason to get out of my slump. This year in Landon’s IEP at school we decided to have him do more creative writing and expressing himself in paragraph form. I had not idea…..

  I also laughed because some things were plain wrong. I just realized that Landon doesn’t know his birth date. Hey– I always wish him Happy Birthday and we usually celebrate here for about a week (or more) and we almost NEVER blow out candles on our actual birthdays– because we wait and do it with cousins on the Sunday before or after. What a neglectful mother I have been!!!!

I was so touched that he felt pride about his accomplishments. He works so hard and has come so far. There are days and moments when everything is too much for him, but daily he works hard and goes to school and performs equal to, or exceeding his peers.

Also– Landon’s Birthday is actually Michael– like both of his grandfathers. And I just realized that I never call Landon by his full name like I do the other children when they are in trouble. Well, thses little insights are a gift to know what I need to work on– and how blessed I am to be the mother of a smart, hard-working boy. He knows he is different and has challenges, but he works hard every day.

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