Note from School

Landon is with Mary this morning. She is so wonderful and sent me a picture of the message he wrote in his notebook:

I’m sooooo proud of my boy! Usually the first month of school is HORRIBLE! I cry– he cries– and fusses– and has meltdowns. One year I was called into the principals office after the staff had suffered through 3 weeks of the worst behavior Landon could offer. Yesterday when I picked him up Bronte said he had done great. He didn’t miss a beat and was right in line with how he had left off last year!

I cannot thank the school enough for the extra help they gave him to get him in gear for the new year. Keri and Cindy brought Landon in for some summer school and we have had the best transition ever! And I love that Landon likes school and is doing so well. He is also blessed to have a classroom teacher that REQUESTED HIM! When I found out I might have cried. I miss having my kids at home, but we are soooo blessed to have our school for our kids.

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