LOVED General Conference!

We had the best time watching General Conference last weekend. Usually we struggle. Or should I say, I struggle. Its hard because I love conference, and I want to take it all in, and I want every one else to listen quietly. But you can probably guess that with our kiddos that is a pie-in-the-sky dream.

But for sure this was our best conference yet. Despite the crying, moaning, fighting for position, and snack getting– we had moments of bliss. These blessed moments were helped by Georgie’s extended nap on Sunday, and Landon’s time out for trying to break out of the house and run away to Guam, but hey— I will take what I can get.

Really, what made the most difference was Porter. After several failed attempts to do reverent games and things he and Gabe (who was over on Saturday afternoon) decided to take notes. I was really impressed when they showed me at first. The amazing part is they kept going! (Who are these mature individuals?) After the second session they took their notes and made a cover– putting them into a binder. Sunday Porter was at it again. He was actually paying attention and writing furiously. My only job became keeping Hazel from jumping on him while he was busy at work.

I think this little miracle means so much because I know that if our children can develop a love for the prophet and will let the words of conference sink into their hearts I know they will be safe forever. There is no greater prayer in any mother’s heart. I sincerely hope we have started a new tradition.

In honor of Porter I have linked his favorite talk by Elder Renlund. I think the story about the firecracker spoke to his boyish heart.

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