Fun At Recess

Fun at Recess, by Landon Bruce

I love recess. When I go to recess I play on the blue sky. I play with Mason on the red swings. I love to play on the monkey bars with my friend Ms. Bronte. I like to stand at the top of the monkey bars because I like to look at the sky! When it rains I love to look at the puddles. I get woodchips and throw them in the puddles. I like to watch the water ripple.

I like to find Maxx on the field. When I find him I give him high fives. He always likes to be with me. My favorite thing to do at recess is to swing on the swings. I can jump on the swings by myself this year. I love when Ms. Bronte pushes me and goes underneathe me. She always says “Go Landon Go Landon!” I like to go so high that I feel like I’m flying in the sky. I love when Ky and Riley swing by me. I love recess and my friends!

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