Landon had an Ellis Island activity at school and was asked to make a list of things he wanted to bring to America.

1. Salt Lick Rock
    (Of course.)
2. toothbrush
    (But not for actual brushing.)
3. soccer ball
    (To balance on?)
4. apples
    (Sustenance. They would be gone the first day.)
5. underwear
    (Glad the lessons on fresh underwear are sinking in.)
6. coat
7. boots
    (Makes sense–he hates cold, wet feet.)
8. money
    (I had no idea he had any regard for money. Might be an aide suggestion.)
9.       ?                          
    (I cannot decipher this one.)
10. book and a movie
    (which he will watch over and over again and drive all the other passengers batty with!)

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